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        Focus on


        food & biological equipment

        Provide personalized solutions
        • Zhejiang province third prize of science and technology

        • Zhejiang high tech technical product unit

        • Class D pressure vessel special equipment manufacturing license unit

        • Project unit of national Torch Plan





        Enterprise staff


        Factory area


        Utility model patent




        output value

        Meet the requirements of

        the pharmaceutical

        industry FDA and GMP manufacturers

        Realize continuous feeding and discharging in vacuum state

        The process of drying, crushing and granulating is realized in vacuum

        Realize the automation, continuity and pipeline of drying process

        Poster products are only for display, please subject to the real object

        Design and

        Jinbang has comprehensive innovative technology, domestic advanced hardware and software facilities, and professional R & D team. In the project development stage, the project team undertakes the construction process and engineering design.

        Through the extensive use of industrial engineering computer-aided design and process simulation system, through CAD computer-aided design, three-dimensional simulation effect, Jinbang can optimize the effect of the whole production process, so that customers can see the whole project at a glance.


        The State Council agreed to establish inter-ministerial joint conference system for the medical program

        The State Council agreed to establish inter-ministerial joint conference system for the medical program

        State Department Web site on the 25th released by the State Council leaders agreed to set up to take charge of the work of the

        Quality and integrity of enterprise undertaking

        Quality and integrity of enterprise undertaking

        To build business integrity, fair and competitive market environment, strengthen the quality and integrity system, and ensure product quality and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers


        Jinbang enterprise
        Customers cover many
        Well-known pharmaceutical
        Enterprises and
        Food enterprises at home and abroad
        And established a good long-term cooperative relationship

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