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      Companies adhere to the principles of human resources is the first resource, the amount applies, because it can posts, is a competitive mechanism of promoted or demoted, stimulate their potential and creativity, to the talent to grow the conditions to enhance the value to employees and the ability to measure the contribution of the staff of the enterprise value, so well-behaved, professional diligence, strong operational capacity, high efficiency of outstanding talent.

      HR Email :stephen@jnban.com


      Marketing process

      Engineering Technology Department Longwan District, Wenzhou City

      Job responsibilities

      1. Mechanical and electrical related majors or marketing majors, with more than 3 years of sales work experience

      2. Responsible for formulating regional sales, exploring emerging markets, and working experience in the pharmaceutical machinery industry is preferred;

      3. Bear hardships and stand hard work, have a sense of responsibility and have the courage to face challenges with a positive attitude, adapt to business trips;

      4. Basic salary 5000+ high commission, providing board and lodging, social security and other benefits;

      5. The city's registered permanent residence is given priority.



      Project manager of chemical equipment
      Assistant engineer
      Technical Engineer/BOM Engineer
      ERP material coding engineer
      Foreign trade business manager